Making An Impact in Orlando


Jermaine serves Jones High School's Young Life program.

Hometown: Orlando, Fla.

What is your favorite restaurant in Orlando? What do you order most off the menu?
Chili's. The country fried steak.

Would you rather go to Sharp Top Cove or Southwind?
Sharp Top Cove.

What is your favorite book in the bible?

How long have you served Young Life?
Seven years.

What do you like most about serving as a Young Life volunteer leader?
I'm able to create a God-explosive atmosphere like never before!

Making a Difference: Volunteer Leader Lauren Rees


Lauren serves Winter Park High School's Young Life & Glenridge Middle School's WyldLife programs.

Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.

What is/are your favorite holiday(s)?
I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love being able to be with my family around the table sharing an amazing meal. (My mom's stuffing is to die for, by the way.) In my family, we'll go around the table and say what we're most thankful for that year, and I'm always in awe at what God has given us and how we see Him present in our lives.
What is something only a few people know about you?
In elementary school, I was on a competitive double-dutch team. I really liked to jump rope and my parents thought it would be fun. My favorite part was when my teammate would do a front flip over me to get into the ropes. Not too sure I could do that now though.

What are your hobbies?
Right now spare time is hard to come by but when I do have some, I love to read, go to the beach, travel, take pictures, listen to music, dance and continue the life-long quest of learning to play guitar.

How long have you served with Young Life?
I've been involved with WyldLife for six years and Young Life for three years.
What do you like most about serving as a Young Life volunteer leader?
Oh my goodness there are so many things but I'd have to say my favorite thing about being a leader is the opportunity to introduce my middle and high school friends to the Jesus I love. So many times they come with a misconception of what it means to be a Christian and it's truly an experience to watch them really be able to see who Jesus is, begin a relationship with Him, and fully know that He is absolutely crazy in love with them just as they are. It's amazing to see students have their lives completely changed by that, and to be a part of that is a huge blessing.

Making a Difference: Volunteer Leader Robbie Meleney

Robbie oversees Edgewater High School's Young Life program.
Hometown: North Palm Beach, Fla.
What is/are your favorite food(s)?
Cheeseburgers, but my mom makes a great chicken and broccoli casserole dish that I also like to eat.
Do you have a favorite Bible verse(s)?
I have a lot that I like, but the one I love lately is Jeremiah 29:11-13.
How long have you served Young Life?
Five years. I was involved with WyldLife for a year and Young Life for four years.
What do you like most about living in Orlando and Central Florida?
I love the people here the best. I also like that it is central to a lot of places like, Daytona Beach and Tampa.
What is your fondest memory of being involved with Young Life?
I don't think I have one specific memory, but what I love most is meeting students as freshmen and watching them grow into their own person. Seeing kids come out of their shells as freshmen and then stepping into leadership-type positions to lead their peers into a relationship with Christ has been a great blessing to be a part of.

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