What is the Board?​​​​​​​

Effective committee are the backbone for Young Life in each local area. In more than 700 communities across the US and around the world thousands and thousands of adults meet once every momth in small groups to help the ministry of Young Life in that area. They are often unseen and unknown by most of the students that they serve, but the committee is the foundation for successful outreach ministry in the local high schools. 

Each local area has a board of adults who believe in the mission of Young Life: to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. You'll find adults from all different backgrounds, careers and churches, including lots of moms and dads who care about kids.
The board, comprised of parents, Young Life alumni and civic leaders, provides a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the local Young Life team.

The board is the foundation for Young Life in a local area. Oftentimes, new Young Life clubs start because of the interest and awareness created by the board. We also welcome the involvement of adult Young Life alumni, whose enthusiasm about their Young Life experiences is valuable to a board.


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